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Calamus and Honey

Venus 7-Day Fixed Candle

Venus 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Indulge in it. She’d want you to. 

Through history, the planet Venus has been associated with romance, creativity, attraction, beauty and sensuality. Her bewitching and sultry magic is deep, rich and full of pleasure. Our 7 day fixed Venus candle will help attract and fortify your deepest desires in life and keeps you in alignment with your highest good. Venus encapsulates everything that is the Divine Feminine. Working with her energy will naturally help you connect to and cultivate the Divine Feminine within. 

Our Venus Candle is extremely versatile. You can burn it when you are lacking self love or your heart is hurting to help bring in healing and boost your overall sense of self confidence. It can also be used in workings that involve pleasure and sensuality. Venus helps to amplify passionate energy, so light it when with a partner and anoint yourself with Venus Oil to turn up the romance. 

-align with desires and pleasures
-cultivate self love
-heart healing
-connect with the divine feminine 
-amplify passionate and romantic energy 

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