How to use 7 day fixed candles

7 day fixed candles are a simple but powerful tool. Used by folks of many different faiths and traditions as a means for for prayer, spells, devotion, ritual, meditation, protection and healing. 

The amount of burning time can vary from candle to candle depending on the energy, herbs, oils used in it and the period of time it is lit.  

Although these glass candles are traditionally meant to continuously burn, we highly recommend only burning candles when they are attended. However, if you do decide to burn continuously please exercise extreme caution. A few safety measures include but are not limited to: 

  •  Keeping out of reach of children and pets. 
  •  Place burning candle in a pot or fire proof tray with sand.
  •  Place candle in tub or sink with a few inches of water so that it will put itself out if it falls over.  

All of our candles come “dressed” meaning they have been anointed with oils, prayed over, blessed, and dressed with herbs.

We do however strongly recommend you “set” the candle with your own intentions as well, through visualization, words, prayers etc. so that it works for you the best way it can.  

There are a variety of ways you can use candles. 

  • A common way is to write a petition on paper . Google “how to write petition paper hoodoo”.
  • When manifesting place herbs/objects around the candle to build the energy. Such as for a money candle you could put money around it. Or for love, roses etc. 
  • If burning for another person you can place a photo with their name and birthday (if you know it) underneath the candle. 

There’s really no wrong way to use these. 

You can pay attention to what the flame is doing in the candle to gain some insight to how the working is going as well as other useful information. Different types of flames mean different things. Google “how to read candle flames”.  

If you are leaving the candle and do not want to keep it lit, say out loud “to be continued” into the candle before gently blowing it out. Then re-light when you are back. 

After the candle has been burned all the way down you can read the wax and soot in the jar for valuable insight. Google “7 day candle interpretation”.