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Calamus and Honey

Road Opener Bath

Road Opener Bath

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One of our most popular oils now in a bath. Road Opener baths help to move and clear energy that is stuck or stagnant, be it internal or external. This formula is crafted with the intention to help open new doors of opportunity, move forward from current situations that aren’t meeting your needs and bring about positive changes in your life. It will greatly improve your chances when searching for housing, new love, jobs, loans etc. It can be paired with other oils to help specify your intentions.

-open new opportunities
-clear stagnant energy
-bring forth positive changes

Start by dividing into three portions so it can be used three nights in a row. Add to bath and wash upwards. Best done when moon is waxing, but as always, do the work when needed.  

This bath is wonderful to use after a heavy cleansing or uncrossing. It works great paired with Psalms 76. Use it in tandem with our Road Opener Candle or Road Opener Oil for an added boost.

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