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Calamus and Honey

Uncrossing Bath

Uncrossing Bath

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Our Uncrossing Bath is a traditional blend of herbs, minerals and essential oils used to break a curse, evil eye or put a stop to a run of bad luck. 

Made with Rue, Hyssop and much more.
*Please note that Rue should not be handled by pregnant women or women hoping to become pregnant. Rue is also a skin irritant to some people. We use a small amount of this potent herb in this bath and have never had a problem but always do a skin sensitivity test. 

-break a curse or evil eye
-clear bad luck
-remove negative energies/entities

Start by dividing the salts into three portions so it can be used three nights in a row. Uncrossing work is best done when the moon is waning. As you bathe, wash downwards, ridding yourself of any negative energies attached to you. Pslams 37 or 91 are traditionally prayed during uncrossing work and we have had great success using them separately and together. Before draining the bath, save some of the used bathwater to dispose at a crossroads after each bath. Repetition builds power.

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