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Calamus and Honey

Sun 7-Day Fixed Candle

Sun 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Activate your inner light

This planetary 7-day fixed candle captures the essence and power of the Sun to be used in your solar centered workings. Our sun candle can be used for renewal, prosperity, growth and recognition, while also welcoming in illumination and positivity.

It’s perfect for money spells, business prospect workings, fulfilling the desire for fame, and inviting masculine energy into yourself or your space. 

Use this candle to warm a space lacking attention or move things into action by burning it while working on the project at hand. It can provide energy for new creative endeavors or when you need a push to get out of the house. Burn the candle at sunrise to start your day with fiery energy.

When used in conjunction with Sun Oil, it will amplify the solar energy in your workings. 

-prosperity, expansion and growth
-increase energy and vitality
-divine masculine energy
-fame and recognition

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