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Calamus and Honey

Saturn 7-Day Fixed Candle

Saturn 7-Day Fixed Candle

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 “Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children.”
-Georg Buchner

Saturn has been known through history as the planet of discipline, responsibility, death, shadow, and boundaries. Saturn’s voice is a quiet one, but when you listen to it, everything flows. When you don’t, Saturn pushes you with tough love to face the challenges you have been ignoring and helps you gain clarity during hard life lessons. Light our Saturn candle to help guide you through the darker aspects of yourself. It is an ally for shadow work and breaking bad habits by teaching us the value in creating boundaries and structure. Because of its rule over limits and boundaries, Saturn can also be called upon for protection and binding magic. 

Made with mandrake, patchouli, and much more 

-bring order, structure, discipline and boundaries
-manifestations in the physical plane
-getting the most from your Saturn return
-working with darker aspects of ourself
-protection and binding magic 

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