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Calamus and Honey

Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho

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Selaginella lepidophylla, Rose of Jericho, False Rose of Jericho, Resurrection plant - 

This plant is sometimes called the Resurrection plant for good reason. It looks like a dead tumbleweed when it's dry but when you put it in water it unfurls and becomes more green and vibrant. One of my favorite ways to use this powerful plant is for prosperity, especially when things are in a slump. Take a bowl and cleanse it along with coins, pyrite, a magnet and any other amulets of prosperity that you want to use. Make sure to sanitize them with alcohol (Florida water is alcohol based) to inhibit mold growth. Place your coins and curios in the bottom of your bowl so the rose of Jericho can rest on them and fill your bowl with just enough water to cover the roots. Spring water is best as it ties in with the resurrection theme. Pray over the Rose of Jericho and place it in the bowl roots down. The 23rd psalm can be used here.

After even a few minutes it will start to unfurl and reach its fullness in a few hours. Now that the plant has been "woken up" you can again pray your desires and talk to the plant. If you are going to keep it in your place of business placce it by the cash register or make it a focal point on your money altar. One trick to working with this plant is to not use oils in your water and to let it dry out after a few days so that it won’t mold. The water, which should be changed often can be added to mop water to draw prosperity, used to dress mojo bags and in baths to strengthen them. 

I’ve also know people use these magical plants to bring peace to a quarrelsome household. Combine it with Peaceful home products and Pslams 62 and 32 to further strengthen this working.

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