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Calamus and Honey

Reversal 7-Day Fixed Candle

Reversal 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Return to sender

The Reversal Candle is perfect to assist you when it’s time to give someone a taste of their own medicine. Power-packed with herbs and curios such as Agrimony, Devil’s Shoestrings, Rue, Crab shell powder, and much more, this candle is sure to return to sender. Whether someone is slandering your name, wishing bad upon you or is actively trying to hex you, the Reversal Candle workings are clear and direct in taking that energy and delivering it right back without adding fuel to the fire. 


Gather your candle, a piece of paper, pen and small mirror. Write out your petition of what you want to happen on the piece of paper. Place the paper face up on top of the mirror tile. Pray over the candle and burn it on top of the petition. This ritual is best done when the moon is waning, but as always, do the work when needed. 

-return bad energy thrown toward you back to the person
-reverse hexes

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