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Calamus and Honey

Pomba Gira Oil

Pomba Gira Oil

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A force to behold in a bottle

Pomba Gira is a multi-faceted female spirit originating in Brazil who takes on many forms. She has been called the lady of the cross-roads, the devil’s wife, owner of the night, scarlet woman and the mistress of witchcraft. Her domain is sensuality, pleasure, seduction, witchcraft, monetary gain, power and beauty and working with this oil can help you tap into these energies and realms.
Pomba Gira can be petitioned to bring a lover back, twist a curse or bring pain or pleasure depending on how she is approached. She has a great affinity for women who have been wronged or abandoned and gay folks who have been treated unfairly. A healer of sex problems, she is protective of people suffering from STI’s and other sex related issues. Working with her energy is potent, and she will return the power. 

Made with Cinnamon and Anise essential oils, Poma Gira crossroads dirt, tobacco and much more

-sensuality/love spells
-twist a curse
-bring pleasure or pain
-healing sexual problems

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