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Calamus and Honey

Pay Me Oil

Pay Me Oil

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It’s not an ask, it’s a command.

One of our most popular formulas, Pay Me has a variety of uses. It helps to spiritually compel debts to be repaid promptly, attract money, help lost money find its way back to you, open opportunities for making money and bring good fortune your way. This is a coercive formula - it will captivate the target and give them no other choice than to pay up. Pay Me is the perfect oil to wear at work for those in service industry or who rely on tips for income. It can also be used for those awaiting child support, lawsuit settlements, late paychecks, or any other situation where money is owed to you but hasn’t gotten there yet. 

Made with Patchouli essential oil, licorice root and much more

-compel debts to be repaid to you
-attract money and opportunities to make money
-bring good fortune
-unexpected payouts
-receiving money owed to you
-increase tips

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