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Calamus and Honey

Moon 7-Day Fixed Candle

Moon 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Get in touch with yourself

We are all influenced by the cyclical energy of the Moon. Our Moon Candle can be used to help you align with her spirit, intelligence and power. It will assist you in accessing your subconscious, deepening your intuition, harnessing psychic powers and connecting to the Divine Feminine. This is the candle to call upon when looking to perform dream work and womb magic. It is also a wonderful ally for those with fertility and menstrual cycle issues. Burn this candle before sleep for prophetic dreams, to bring yourself into a receptive state and to calm the nervous system. When doing spellwork and rituals on the full moon, this is the perfect tool to strengthen your prayers. 

-connect with your intuition and psychic powers
-connect to the Divine Feminine
-womb and fertility magic
-increase power of spellwork on Full Moons

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