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Calamus and Honey

Money Bundle

Money Bundle

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This bundle includes our staples for money workings. A $65 value at $50. 


Money Drawing Oil-

For contractors, self-employed, business owners, investors, employees  etc. This is a workhorse for drawing income, wealth , and stability as well as keeping your pockets full, and your finances flowing.   

Pay Me Oil-

One of our most popular oil, this formula is used to spiritually compel debts to be repaid to you promptly and to attract money and pull in good fortune. Considered to be a coercive formula . Also helps lost money find its way back to you. Opens up more opportunity for money making. Unexpected pay outs. Perfect for people who work in the service industry or rely on tips for their income. As well as people awaiting child support, lawsuit settlement or a paycheck from a job etc.

Crown of Success-

This formula is designed to bring Success in all avenues of life. Gives the push you need to successfully accomplish a goal. Great for academic success, work, performance etc. Can be paired with just about any other oil to improve chances of success. Improves eloquence, charisma, determination, motivation and self-discipline.

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