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Calamus and Honey

Mercury Oil

Mercury Oil

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Drop into the flow

The second luminary in the firmament and one of the most energetically diverse planets. 

Mercury governs your immediate environment, forms of communication such as email and telephone, transport over short distances, educational pursuits and more. This is a multifaceted oil that aids in work around, travel, business, focus, perceiving, communicating and divination. Use it for getting technology to work properly, anointed on self or candle while writing, studying or in a meeting, or wear a drop inside of shoes while traveling. When using in divination work, anoint your third eye and magical tools. Mercury oil is fast-action and will get things moving quickly. It also comes in handy to keep the effects of retrograde minimal. 

Made with Lavender essential oil, Tin shot, Moss agate, snake shed, Fennel, Honey Suckle  and much more. 

-safe travels
-success in business, education and schooling
-focus, perception and communication
-keep retrograde at bay

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