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Calamus and Honey

Mars 7-Day Fixed Candle

Mars 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Ignite your fire

Mars is a planet of action and doing that governs our physical bodies. Mars helps us get in touch with our passions and motivations so we feel excited about the work. Burn our Mars Candle for when you need courage and support to take on challenges and excel despite the odds in any situation. It will imbue you with ambition and confidence so that you can achieve your goals. This candle is also a powerful tool to help you connect with sexual energy and vitality. It’s not just for getting in touch with your passions, but getting in touch with what makes you passionate and what turns you on. 

Made with blood root, rue, carnelian and much more


-providing motivation and courage
-physical fitness|
-positive masculinity
-sexual prowess and sex magic
-going on the magical offense or defense
-psychic protection
-breathe life into stale situation
-connecting with deities of power, destruction, war

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