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Calamus and Honey

Love Uncrossing Bath

Love Uncrossing Bath

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This is a traditional hoodoo bath made with tried and true ingredients. It is crafted with the purpose of removing love jinxes, helping mend a broken heart, turning around bad luck in love, etc. Love Uncrossing bath is perfect to use before one of love drawing baths to open your heart and energy for new opportunities and adventures in love. It creates a clean slate for new intimate affairs to be able to come to you and flourish. 

-remove love jinxes/curses
-mend a broken heart
-turn around bad luck in love
-open new opportunities for love

Start by dividing the salts into three portions so it can be used for three nights in a row. Put two candles on the edge of the tub and step through them like a doorway. During the baths, pray your intentions, needs, psalms, etc. Wash yourself in a downward motion. Before you drain the bath, save some water and throw out at a four-way crossroads and don’t look back. Within a few days, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer, you will notice yourself feeling lighter in the heart.

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