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Calamus and Honey

Love Bundle

Love Bundle

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 Normally a $75 value at $60 this bundle is all of our love related  staples in one package.

 Love Uncrossing Bath-

Traditional hoodoo bath made with tried and true ingredients. Epsom salt base. To remove love jinxes, broken heart, bad luck in love etc. Divide salts into three portions, take a bath for three nights in a row with the bath salts. Put two candle on the edge of the tub and step through them like a doorway. During baths, pray your intentions, needs, psalms, etc. Wash yourself in a downward motion. Take some water from each bath and throw out at a four-way crossroads. Within a few days, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer you will notice yourself feeling lighter in the heart. 

Bewitching Oil-

One of our most popular items. This is a seduction oil and used to attract and captivate a lover. It will promote deep bonds  of love and lust and create mystery that will draw in your crush. It can also reignite a flame of attraction between long term lovers and give you the upper hand. If you are going out and would like to receive some special attention and adoration , anoint your body as you would a perfume. Put a few drops in a spray bottle of water to mist your sheets for an extra spicy night. Can be used to anoint candles for love/lust working spells, as well as sigils, mojo bags etc.

Come to Me Oil-

Ideal formula for gaining the affection of a lover who has caught your eye or to attract a new unknown lover. This oil will have them on you in no time. One of our loveliest scents.

Follow Me Boy-

Traditionally used by women to keep a man under her thumb, as well as keeping his eye from wandering. Dominate him, soften his behavior, keep him faithful to you, and gain his full attention. Can be mixed with Bewitching oil to add lust/love into the equation. With this oil you can anoint a candle with the man’s name on it, sneak it in his shoes, pants, etc, mix with his personal concerns or add to a bath. This oil is intended to use to attract someone new but it can be used on someone already in your life.   Fun fact, it works well for gay men as well, we have tested it….extensively.

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