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Calamus and Honey

Jezebel Oil

Jezebel Oil

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Harness your inner siren

This oil is named after the Phoenician princess in Biblical times who was married to King Ahab of Israel. Because of Jezebel’s convincing, rebellious and outspoken nature, the patriarchy shed an unpleasant light on her character and she became known as devilish and dangerous.
Jezebel’s true energy is the archetype of the sensual siren and she can help you harness yours. This formula has traditionally been used by sex workers, but can be used by anyone in service industry. This oil will help attract and keep wealthy male clients and keep away unsavory clientele. It’s perfect for gaining advantage in matters of business and love.
An ally for Sex Workers, Waitresses, Hairstylists, Card Readers and anyone else who works with the public.

Made with genuine Calamus and Cypress essential oil, Jezebel Root, Orris Root, Catnip, Angelica Root and much more

-attract wealthy clientele
-keep away unsavory clientele
-upper hand in business and love
-harness sensual energy

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