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Calamus and Honey

House Blessing Bundle

House Blessing Bundle

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A bundle of our most used house blessing products. A perfect gift for a house warming party. This is normally a $115 value with almost 20% savings. 


Chinese Wash-  

A traditional herbal wash used for spiritual house cleansing. We use the old authentic formula that has a very pleasing, clean and bright aroma of Asian grasses and resin. It is used in the home to bring in prosperity, and good luck, and to wash away negativity, jinxes, and evil.

Perfect for those who are experiencing a bit of bad luck, or if your house just feels “off” energetically. It really opens and clears your space of any energetic buildup that may cause blockages. Wash your floors , counters, doorways and even laundry to experience the benefits of this well loved product.

Florida Water- 

Florida water has been around since the 1800’s originally in the form of a perfume. Since then it has become a staple for practitioners of many cultures and traditions. The name “Florida Water” is comes from the myth of the Fountain of Youth said to be somewhere in Florida. It cools, cleanses, calms, uplifts and energizes. There are about as many uses for Florida water as there are people who use it. Use it on the body, in the bath and in the home to bring over all well being to your mind, body and soul. Leave as offerings to attract good and high vibrational spirits to keep out the negative ones and to bring in good luck. Our formula is a bit different from the original scent with an emphasis on rose and clove with notes of citrus.

Peaceful Home Oil-

This is a wonderful oil to really shift the vibe in your home if you are feeling any strife, anger, depression, or anxiety. It will create a softer and more loving environment. Especially if there is any kind of domestic quarrel or dispute. Peaceful Home oil gives a gentle dominance to the lady of the house. It can help improve the communication between the inhabitants of the home as well as dispel negative energy. A truly therapeutic blend that is essential in creating a tranquil and harmonious home life.

Fiery Wall of Protection-

This formula is for heavy duty protection against unwanted people, energies, hexes, curses, evil eye, energy vampires, and bad spirits.  Creates an energetic barrier of fiery protection on your home, automobile, yourself etc. Energetically gives “don’t touch” energy.  A strong tool to provide confidence in unsafe or uncomfortable situations.

Four Thieves Vinegar-

Four thieves vinegar was used during the Black Plague because it was believed to protect the user from disease. Similar herbal vinegars have been used since the time of Hippocrates. Legend has it, a group of thieves used this recipe to safely rob the victims of the plague without getting sick. And it is said that, the reason we have it today is because they shared the secret recipe in order to receive leniency for their crimes. Used to keep away all forms of evil including spirits, bad luck, contagions, people and bad energy.


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