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Calamus and Honey

High John the Conqueror Oil

High John the Conqueror Oil

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“All I have to do is rub my root, I win every time”
-Willie Dixon/Muddy Waters

A staple in African American folk magic and one of our most powerful conjure oils…Our formula contains genuine High John the Conqueror root. The root’s namesake, John the Conqueror, is a legend in African American folklore who was said to be the son of an African king. Although captured a slave, he was described as never being subservient and outwitting his captors.
High John the Conquerer has an array of uses including but not limited to money drawing, love/lust/libido, games of chance, success, domination work, getting your way, success, virility and power. 

Made with Cedarwood and Vetiver essential oils, genuine High John Root and much more

-love, lust & libido
-domination work & getting your way
-money drawing
-games of chance
-virility, power & success

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