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Calamus and Honey

Healing 7-Day Fixed Candle

Healing 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Light each day to keep the doctor away.

Our Healing Candle is made with herbs, roots, and curios that are known to promote healing, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. This formula has a variety of ingredients that call forth balance and wellness.
This 7-day fixed candle is intended to be an ally along your journey to greater health in all areas of your life.

Burn this candle while you meditate on areas of your life that could use a healing boost.
You can also light this candle in a room where someone is sick or a room where illness has been in the past.
The candle will help clear out any stagnant energy and open the way for healing.

Made with Rosemary and thyme essential oil, Life Everlasting and much more

Psalms 41 is a traditional psalm to recite when lighting this candle.

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