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Calamus and Honey

Follow Me Boy Oil

Follow Me Boy Oil

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Make them like bees on honey

A traditional recipe used by women to gain an edge over a man by making you the dominant force. Follow Me Boy will place a man under your thumb, keep his eye from wandering and keep him faithful. It also helps to soften his behavior and want to please you. Follow Me Boy can be used on someone already in your life or to attract someone new. You can anoint a candle with this oil and carve the person of interest's name on it, sneak it in their shoes, pants, etc, mix with their personal concerns or add to a bath.
Pair with Bewitching Oil to add love/lust into the equation.

*Side note- it works well for gay men, we have tested it…extensively

Made with Calamus and Lavender essential oils, Rose, Orris Root and more.

-gain the upper hand in love
-keep a man under your thumb
-soften man’s behavior

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