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Calamus and Honey

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

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Safeguard yourself

Protection work is essential for anyone who practices magical craft of any kind. This oil acts as a safeguard from all types of unwanted energy. Be it a person, hex, curse, evil eye, energy vampire or bad spirit, Fiery Wall of Protection will cover all your bases. It works by creating an energetic “don’t touch” type of barrier around you, your home, automobile, possessions, or anything else you anoint it with. It’s the perfect ally when you need to feel confident, safe and secure in unsafe or uncomfortable situation. Great to combine it with Law Stay Away oil when attending protests. 

Made with Black Pepper essential oil, lightening struck oak, iron and much more.

-create a energetic protection barrier
-keep you safe in uncomfortable situations
-protect personal possessions

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