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Calamus and Honey

Diviner’s Oil

Diviner’s Oil

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Open the channels to higher realms

Diviner’s Oil is used for exactly what it sounds like - any and all divination work.. It’s an ally for tarot readers, scryers, palmists, intuitives, mediums or anyone of the like. This oil promotes clarity and openness to receive messages and tap into your intuition and clairvoyance. It’s scent profile helps the user to drop into an ideal trance state so you can be effective and deeply connected during your work. Diviner’s Oil also functions as a protection oil from bad clients and any negative energies you may encounter in your trance state. 

Made with Bay and Frankincense essential oil, Quartz, Eyebright, Mugwort and much more

-divination work
-consecrating divination tools
-psychic protection
-trance inducing

To use:
Before divining, take in the scent and anoint your third eye and crown of your head with the oil. Then, anoint any tools, such as pendulums, tarot decks, crystal balls, runes, etc. that you are using.

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