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Calamus and Honey

Come To Me 7-Day Fixed Candle

Come To Me 7-Day Fixed Candle

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The perfect wingwoman 

Our Come to Me candle is crafted with the intention to draw in a lover when you’re craving a little romance. This candle is action-oriented. It will increase seductiveness to help bring a current lover closer to you, or lead a new lover into your life. You can use this candle to land a date with someone you desire, inspire passion in someone who has caught your eye, or re-spark the flame with a current lover.

-increase seductiveness
-draw in a new lover
-re-ignite passion with a current lover
-inspire passion in someone who has caught your eye

Traditional ritual:
Take a piece of brown grocery sack paper and tear it neatly on all sides to create a petition paper. Write out the same of the person you desire 3, 5 or 7 times (magic works in odd numbers). Turn the paper clockwise and write out your name an equal number of times so that your name covers and crosses theirs. Anoint this paper in a 5 spot pattern with our Come to Me Oil. Burn the candle on top of the petition paper. If you have a hair from the person you desire, place in under the paper with a piece of your hair and add herbs such as rose and saffron to strengthen the working. The Song of Solomon found in the Bible can be used alongside the ritual to increase the power of your prayer. 

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