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Camphor Blocks (4 pack)

Camphor Blocks (4 pack)

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Camphor - Camphor is a highly fragrant white aromatic that is made from a combination of different herbs comprised of camphor laurel, camphor basil, rosemary and kaput tree. It’s usually sold in small white blocks a bit bigger than a sugar cube. It has strong menthol like fragrance that can be burned in sick rooms to chase away illness and promote healing. Camphor can also be used to chase away evil spirits and dark forces. It can be added to mop water, burnt on self lighting charcoal or dissolved into a glass of water and placed in the corners of a room. A bowl of water placed under the bed containing a block of dissolved camphor helps banish nightmares especially if you pray psalms 91 over it.

Camphor is also used to promote psychic powers and a tiny bit can be added to the water in a scrying bowl. Finally, camphor can be used in anti lust workings to help decrease sensual desires and get an unwanted admirer to leave you alone.

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