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Calamus and Honey

Break Up Oil

Break Up Oil

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Make them fight like cats and dogs

Is your soulmate with the wrong person? Is your best friend in an abusive relationship? Do you know someone who fell for the charms of a cult leader? Do you, yourself need to escape a bad relationship? Whatever your motive, this oil is derived from a traditional hoodoo recipe that causes conflict and separation between two people. It is most traditionally used in breaking up romantic relationships but can also be used to break up partnerships, bad habits, business associates, friendships and to stop infidelity. This oil can be used for yourself or for others. Whenever working with this oil, be very clear in your motive and intentions. It is important to not use this oil with spite or ill intentions.

Made with black cat and dog hair, Black Pepper and Patchouli essential oils, sulphur and much more.

-cause distress in a relationship between two people (romantic, business, friendships)
-cut bad habits
-stop infidelity

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