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Calamus and Honey

Blue Anil Squares

Blue Anil Squares

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This household item originally was used to whiten clothes and made its way into southern folk magic because of its beautiful vibrant color. It is often found in mojo hands for gambling luck, in floor washes for spiritual cleansing, anti nightmare and protection. Dissolve a square in a bowl of water and place by your front door to stop any negativity from entering. This curio is highly pigmented and little bit of this goes a long way. Its one of my favorite curios to use in a bath to kill jealousy and the evil eye , combined with Florida water, Hyssop, Rue and Angelica root it will

This product is a substitute for copper sulphate or “bluestone” which was used as a Algaecide on farms. Please don’t use this as its not safe to handle, Laundry Blueing is a safe alternative which I have found in my practice to be highly effective.


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