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Calamus and Honey

Black Arts 7- Day Fixed Candle

Black Arts 7- Day Fixed Candle

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For when it’s time to call upon the darkness

The Black Arts candle is made with the intention to help you connect with the darker side of magic. It’s the perfect tool for necromantic workings, hexing, baneful and black magic. This is your go-to candle for spell work that intends to bring negative outcomes and energies upon an offender with the help of Spirits. It can also be used more generally for when you want to connect to the dead in whatever way you desire. If you work with helper spirits, this is a great candle to burn as an offering to them. Our Black Arts candle is not to be taken lightly - handle with caution and be clear and concise in your petitions. 

-necromantic wok
-connecting with the dead
-hexing work
-baneful and black magic

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