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Calamus and Honey

Bewitching 7-Day Fixed Candle

Bewitching 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Put them under your spell

Bewitching is one of our most popular lines for a reason - we all love a little extra attention and adoration. This is a seduction formula, helping you to attract and captivate a lover or person of interest. It also works for long term lovers by helping to reignite the flame and increase passion while giving you the upper hand. 

You can use our Bewitching Candle for any love/lust workings you are doing. Light it before a night out and pray for what type of attention you want to receive and from whom. Burn this candle during a night in with a lover to set the mood for a spicy and passionate energy. 

-seduction and attraction
-reignite the flame with long term lover
-love/lust workings
-receive attention and adoration

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