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Calamus and Honey

Bewitching Bath

Bewitching Bath

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Our Bewitching products are here to get you that little extra bit attention and adoration. This bath is a seduction formula, helping you attract and captivate a lover or person of interest. It gives you an air of mystery that helps to create deep bonds and draw in a crush. Bewitching bath also works for long term lovers by helping to reignite the flame and increase passion while giving you the upper hand. 

On a night where you’re looking to have a sultry and mysterious air about you, bathe in the salts before you go out or are with your person of interest. Wash yourself upwards with the water. After draining the bath, let some of the water air dry on your skin so the essence and scent of the bath salts remain. You can use this bath in conjunction with our Bewitching Oil by applying it as a perfume after you bathe. If you really want to up the anti, use the bath three nights in a row while the moon is waxing.

You can dissolve the bath in a small basin of water and add it to the final laundry rinse of your bedding or clothes you will be wearing out. It’s a sure way to spice things up. It can also be used in mop water for the same purpose. It works great paired with Follow Me Boy or Come to Me oils.

-seduction and attraction
-reignite the flame with long term lover
-annointing candles, sigils and mojo bags for love/lust work
-receive attention and adoration

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