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Bay Leaf 1 oz

Bay Leaf 1 oz

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 Laurus Nobilis

Gender - Masculine

Element - Fire

Planet - Sun

Bay leaves are used to keep away evil and curses. It can be carried on the person or brewed into a tea and used to mop down floors and walls for this purpose.

Historically Bay leaves woven into a wreath where used to crown victors in ancient Greece. With this association we see that it can be used in workings focused on success, strength and winning a competition.

This herb is used to enhance divination and was said to have been used by the Oracle of Delphi. It can be stored with your divination tool of choice or burnt in the room where you’ll be performing the reading.

One of the most popular spells that utilizes Bay Leaves is to write your wish on one and burn it. Its best done under a full moon

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