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Calamus and Honey

Agrimony 1 oz

Agrimony 1 oz

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Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)

Planet - Jupiter and Mercury

Element - Air

Gender - Masculine

One of my favorite herbs to use in reversal work is Agrimony. I always keep this herb stocked in my personal magical cabinet. It’s one of the few herbs that can take off and send back a work that’s already been put on you. It can be mixed with other herbs and curios for specific situations, such as alum and gag root for sending back slander and gossip. 

Agrimony is also one of the best herbs used in uncrossing work. Mixed with Hyssop and Angelica root, it's never failed me in taking off a hex. 

It’s an amazingly versatile herb that is often used in works of protection, business luck, physical healing and for restful sleep when used with Psalms 4

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