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Calamus and Honey

9 Ingredient Love Bath

9 Ingredient Love Bath

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9 Ingredient Love Bath

This bath was crafted with the intention to draw love and lust into your life and keep it close. As its name suggests, it is made with 9 different love attracting herbs and a blend of essential oils. This is a great bath to use on a date night or before going out if you want to flirtatious energy and attention given to you. You can use it one time, or follow the ritual below for an extra potent working.

Made with Roses, Lavender, Red Clover, Damiana and much more

-draw love and lust
-keep intimate relations close
-attract new love into your life

This ritual is done over 9 consecutive nights. Begin when the move is waxing and add 1/9 of the salts to a bath. Each night as you bathe, wash upwards while praying from the heart about what you want to draw into your life. This can be qualities of a person, a specific type or relationship or situation, or the things you desire in love.

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