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Calamus and Honey

Road Opener 7-Day Fixed Candle

Road Opener 7-Day Fixed Candle

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Bye-bye roadblocks

Our Road Opener candle is the go to for clearing obstacles in any situation or calling in desires. Whether you’re feeling stuck, having difficulty overcoming challenges, or can’t seem to find direction, this candle will help you open a clear path, create an ideal environment for your goals to flourish and open the way for success. Turn to this candle when you’re searching for new housing, job opportunities, loans, new love, etc. It will have your back. You can also pair this candle with other Calamus and Honey products to increase their efficacy and power. 

-clear obstacles
-create ideal environment for goals to flourish
-searching for new housing, jobs, etc
-increase efficacy and power of other spells/rituals

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